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Secret Avengers #9: Review

Jan 2011
Ed Brubaker, Will Conrad

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Eyes of the Dragon Part 4 of 5

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4.5 stars

Secret Avengers #9 Review by (May 17, 2014)
John Steele made his first and only Golden Age appearance in DARING MYSTERY COMICS #1 (1940) and was revived in THE MARVELS PROJECT, returning in SECRET AVENGERS #5; more on him in issues #11-12. Issue includes a four-page preview of Marvel’s Point One initiative. Ant-Man is absent from this issue.


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Secret Avengers #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Steve Rogers fills the team in on John Steele who is offering to trade the kidnapped Sharon Carter for Shang-Chi. He was an early version of the super-soldier, more powerful than Captain America but not as stable; he was captured by the Germans during World War 2 and is only now resurfacing as a villain in the service of the Shadow Council….

In the bad guys’ custody, Sharon talks to Max Fury who tries to convince her to switch over to their side; Sharon leaves him with a threat that Steve will soon shut him down….

The Avengers receive instructions on the prisoner exchange. They meet on the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong. As the prisoners each walk toward the other side, John Steele shoots Shang-Chi with a paralyzing blast. Steele engages Steve in battle which the more powerful Steele wins. Steve calls out and the other Avengers appear to fight his henchmen, but Steele has wired explosives to the building. The Avengers are forced to allow the enemy to escape. Shang-Chi then meets with his father who is planning to kill him the next evening. Meanwhile, we learn that Moon Knight has infiltrated the villains disguised as one of the guards….

Will Conrad
Will Conrad
Rain Beredo
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)
Rain Beredo (Cover Colorist)


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(Hank McCoy)
Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

War Machine
War Machine

(James Rhodes)

Plus: John Steele, Max Fury, Prince of Orphans (John Aman), Shadow Council, Zheng Zu (Fu Manchu).

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