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A+X #14: Review

Nov 2013
Max Bemis, David Lafuente Garcia

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5 stars

A+X #14 Review by (October 12, 2022)

Review: The first story is highly entertaining as a genre-savvy Magneto lists everything wrong with “supervillains” while Superior Spider-Man (i.e. Doc Ock) guardedly tries to defend his ilk. Their banter is quite amusing as they progress through the story like levels of a video game but they don’t win at the end. Neat. Part two of the Cap/Cyclops extended story throws Doctor Doom at us earlier than his usual last-page reveal and things get testy. Doom comes off a bit cartoonish and blustery while Cap seems in a bad mood all the way through, even making Doom back down. Crazy. More crazy stuff next issue.

Comments: Second story: Part two of six.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

A+X #14 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Searching for a child kidnapped by A.I.M., the Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus) comes to a Nevada ghost town where the deserted saloon is the entrance to a secret A.I.M. lair. He enters and discovers that Magneto is already there and has defeated a mob of baddies. Magneto explains that the kidnapped boy is a mutant whose parents were killed and is now being tortured by MODOK to make him pliable enough to aid the villain’s schemes. As the two descend into the A.I.M. base, defeating increasingly more powerful baddies, Magento lectures “Spidey” on the absurdity of the idea of a supervillain. At the bottom, MODOK shows himself and Magneto uses his powers to bash the giant headed Big Bad against the wall. He frees the kidnapped boy and tries to assure him that there is a place where mutants like him can be safe. The boy, having seen his parents murdered because he was a mutant, blames the mutants and vows revenge against them before flying off. Magneto takes the loss philosophically.

(No title given)
Writer: Gerry Duggan. Art: David Yardin. Colors: Andres Mossa. Letters: Clayton Cowles.

Synopsis: Cyclops escapes from the escape-proof cuffs Captain America put him in last issue and joins him at a SHIELD safe house in a Las Vegas casino. Cap agrees to hold off on arresting Cyke until the mission is over. They meet a Steve Rogers LMD who manages the site; the LMD aids Cap in a search for Latverian black ops sites as it is known that Latveria has a living Skrull prisoner of war. Cap also borrows a Skrull detector and he and Cyclops fly to Latveria….

On arrival, they use the detector to find the site where the Skrull is being held. They sneak into a castle, only to be caught by a band of Doombots—and then it is discovered that Cyke’s laser eyes do not always work properly. Cap fights the Doombots while Cyke releases the Skrull from its cell. And then they are confronted by the real Doctor Doom, who is angry, as usual. Cap tells him there may be another Skrull invasion underway and they need the captive, as Doom would also suffer under another invasion. Doom acquiesces—but with a catch. He kills the Skrull with a shot from his armored finger and orders them to go….

Story #2

Captain America + Cyclops (Part 2)

Writer: Gerry Duggan. Penciler: David Yardin. Inker: David Yardin. Colorist: Andres Mossa. Letterer: Clayton Cowles.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

By None

David Lafuente Garcia
David Lafuente Garcia
Edgar Delgado
David Lafuente Garcia (Cover Penciler)
David Lafuente Garcia (Cover Inker)
Edgar Delgado (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Scott Summers)
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

(Victor Von Doom)

Plus: Spider-Man (Otto Octavius).

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