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Avengers #13: Review

Nov 1997
James Robinson, Michael Ryan

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World War 3, Part 2: Winning And Losing

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4 stars


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Avengers #13 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander
Story continued from FANTASTIC FOUR Vol.2 #13

Reed Richards meets with the assembled teams of the Avengers, Stormwatch, and WildCATS. Wetworks has not arrived yet. They soon learn that they are on a mission in Venice, Italy to investigate rumors of a biological weapons site. They have recorder bots transmitting video but no audio from the battle. They are overpowered and may possibly lose the battle. John Lynch and Richards attempts to teleport them out are unsuccessful due to Skrull interference with the signal. The sudden arrival of Iron Man saves the members of Wetworks from certain death. With their victory, they are able to regain control of the teleportation technology and bring the team back to America.

Iron Man explains to his teammates that he was overcome with a need for revenge when his plant was destroyed and closest friends killed in the early days of the war. Once he secured a suitable replacement for himself on the Avengers, he went after the alien invaders, occasionally teaming up with the original Captain America. Stark explains that Rogers is after redemption for his alleged failure to protect America.

Richards explains that they have experienced loss as well. Johnny Storm during the initial invasion; Ben Grimm while searching for alternative fuel sources in the Negative Zone. Their latest venture there may have uncovered something of critical importance. They found an area fractured like a mirror that showed slivers of other dimensions. Further analysis shows that this world is actually two, held together by a dimensional "lock" courtesy of Dr. Doom. To save their world, they must break this lock. The heroes eventually decide to split into two teams to destroy both halves of the dimensional lock. Mr. Fantastic will lead a team into the Negative Zone; Lynch will lead another team against Doom directly. A skeleton crew will remain behind as a precaution.

As the heroes discuss their strategy, they are unaware that among them is a spy for Doom. This spy transmits a live video feed back to Latveria where it is viewed by Doom, Helspont, and the Skrull emissary. As those on Lynch's squad return to the Stormwatch satellite to plan their attack, Doom sends a fleet of Skrull ships against the space station. His spy shuts down Stormwatch's defensive shields from inside, allowing the Skrull ships to destroy it.

In the Negative Zone, Thing and his unidentified companion make a welcome discovery. Grimm possesses a propulsion unit that can return them to Earth, but doesn't know the correct direction. His companion knows the way out, but can't make it there under his own power. They immediately decide to work together to escape the Negative Zone.

Story continued in IRON MAN Vol.2 #13

Michael Ryan
Sal Regla
Nathan Lumm


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