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Avengers #10: Review

Aug 1997
Walt Simonson, Michael Ryan

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Shadow War!

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3 stars


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #10 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander
Captain America and Iron Man quickly determine that this new arrival is the real Thor after he uses Mjolnir to seal the crack in the containment field. They reconnect with their long-lost comrade and begin their investigation into the cause behind the sudden activity of the deactivated reactor.

In Riverside Park, Hawkeye spends some time reflecting on the current status of the Avengers. Loki appears and offers him a place on his team and entices him with the role of team leader, something he has been denied due to the presence of Captain America. The Scarlet Witch (who is actually Hellcat) appears and offers him an additional perk.

The Avengers make their way to the Baxter Building to confer with Reed Richards. He theorizes that given its energy output, the gamma core may actually be the nexus to a new reality. As far-fetched as it sounds, it would explain the sudden appearance of so many of their enemies. Unfortunately Bruce Banner is once again among the missing. His expertise is needed in this area.

The Enchantress manipulates Viking Thor and convinces him to ally himself with his Loki against the Avengers.

Nick Fury arrives at the remains of Avengers' Mansion to deliver two pieces of news. The first is that Viking Thor they freed is now involved in an altercation in a Chelsea bar. The real Thor steps forward, states that he will put an end to this, and leaves. The second is that he has located Kang's ship and found video footage of Loki dissolving the two of them.

Before they can act on this information they are attacked by the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Enchantress, and Viking Thor. The Avengers catch a break when the real Thor returns and engages his doppleganger, restoring some balance of power.

Loki watches this and is pleased. He has been able to corrupt Hawkeye, place the mind of Hellcat into the body of the Scarlet Witch, and recruit the Barbarian Thor to his side. The defeat of the Avengers seems imminent. He had planned to absorb their dimensional energy as he has their enemies to build up a sufficient power base for his ultimate goal: open the reactor and absorb the dimensional energy directly. The appearance of the new Thor has accelerated his timetable.

He arrives on Avengers' Island and executes his master plan. As he predicted he easily absorbs the energy and prepares to take over this dimension.

Michael Ryan
Saleem Crawford
Nathan Lumm
Michael Ryan (Cover Penciler)


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Captain America

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Iron Man

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Scarlet Witch

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