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Avengers #6: Review

Apr 1997
Jeph Loeb, Ian Churchill

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Industrial Revolution Pt. 1: A Hard Day's Night

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3 stars

Avengers #6 Review by (July 20, 2010)
Comments: First appearance of Iron Man in this title.


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Avengers #6 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander
Bruce Banner breaks into the Baxter Building surprising its occupants, the Fantastic Four. He has come here to ask for Reed Richards' help. Banner explains that he built the gamma core that provides power for Avenger's Island. The containment field for this core has begun to deplete and unless they work together, the majority of the United States will become radioactive.

On Avengers' Island, Nick Fury begins search and rescue operations to find the missing Avengers. They take Swordsman and Hawkeye to the heli-carrier. Hellcat and Captain America recuperate quickly and are ready for another round.

The Fantastic Four (plus one) arrive at the complex. They find Thor unconscious on the ground. Ben begins poking him in an attempt to wake him up and has stirred up the wrath of a god for his unorthodox approach. Off-panel, Thor strikes him for his insolence.

Outside the facility Iron Man appears and forces Fury to call off his agents. He states that he's here on behalf of Tony Stark who insists that he handle this crisis. As Iron Man approaches the main building, he catches the Thing on his way into low orbit. The Human Torch appears to collect the Thing, stating that Reed and Banner are nearing the core. This announcement surprises Iron Man, who thought Bruce had died (Iron Man Vol. 2 #2)

Reed, Sue, Banner, Captain America, and Hellcat make their way to the emergency access chamber. Unfortunately the stress of this ordeal has finally gotten to Banner, who once again transforms into the Hulk.

(Continued in IRON MAN Vol. 2 #6)

Ian Churchill
Lary Stucker
Andy Troy
Ian Churchill (Cover Penciler)
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