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Captain America #32: Review

Nov 2007
Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting

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The Death of The Dream: Act 2 - The Burden of Dreams: Part Two

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4 stars


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Captain America #32 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The gun Bucky Barnes fired was loaded with blanks, as he suspected but he chanced a shot at Dr Faustus anyway. He is knocked unconscious and taken to a cell. Back at SHIELD HQ Tony Stark learns that a positive pregnancy test was found in Sharon Carter’s apartment and it is apparently real. Meanwhile Falcon has learned from Redwing that Sharon escaped down a certain manhole and heads into the sewer with the Black Widow to discover the Red Skull’s base. The heroes assault the base, wreaking havoc among the guards. When Faustus dispatches a team to bring the prisoner, Bucky, even though his arms are bound, easily overpowers them and heads into the building complex. Sharon, fighting against the hypnotic suggestion in her head, is sent to recapture Bucky and she does—to his surprise. The villains escape in a jet craft with their prisoner and the Falcon pursues. To get rid of the Falcon, Sharon tosses Bucky overboard; the winged hero barely manages to catch him and they crash to a non-fatal landing. The Black Widow arrives and calls for transport up to the Helicarrier, with their prisoner—Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes.

Steve Epting
Butch Guice
Frank D'Armata
Steve Epting (Cover Penciler)


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)

(Sam Wilson)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

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