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Incredible Hulk #232: Review

Feb 1979
David Michelinie, Sal Buscema

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The Battle Below!

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk #232 Review by (October 12, 2011)
Review: The story wraps up in a nice fashion, though it failed to make any of the ongoing Hulk background clear to Cap only fans—especially, what did the bad guys want Jim Wilson for? But there was enough entertainment nonetheless. The highlight? Hulk busting his way out of the makeshift prison; seems like Hulk artists are obligated to have one feat of strength in a full-page pic every issue. Interesting echo of the Secret Empire/Nomad saga at the end there, even though it’s a Captain America arc, not a Hulk on. Perhaps that’s revenge for the lack of Hulk detail for Cap fans. Anyway, Cap again makes the point that America is something bigger and better than the actions of its leaders, which is one of the ongoing themes of the title since the Watergate era.

Comments: Conclusion of the four-part story arc “Search for the Falcon.” Story continued from CAPTAIN AMERICA #230.



Trade?! Hey, man, what do you think I am... A blue chip stock?

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #232 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Story continued from CAPTAIN AMERICA #230.

In the secret base beneath Alcatraz Island, the forces of the Corporation stand triumphant over their defeated foes: Hulk, Captain America, Marvel Man, and the Falcon. Kligger tries to negotiate a trade for Jim Wilson but Cap, who has woken up, is plotting his next action. Moonstone notices his movements and fires a laser blast that knocks him into the water—and he does not surface. A shocked Jim Wilson kicks Kligger in the shin and the villain responds with a slap to the face—which sends the Hulk into a rage. The Green Giant backhands Moonstone across the room and engages with the Animus. As the waters swirl about Falcon’s head, Cap, who planned to be knocked into the water so he could effect a rescue, breaks his partner’s chains and carries him to safety inside a maintenance alcove. Animus uses her telepathic abilities to cause the floor to surge up and enclose the Hulk. But Cap and the Falcon arrive, just as Marvel Man awakens, and the Hulk crashes his way out of the makeshift prison. Moonstone, sizing up the overwhelming opposition, blasts a hole in the wall and flees. Hulk, driven to severe annoyance by Animus, seizes her crystalline club and smashes it to bits. The destruction of the Animus’ power source causes a massive energy feedback which changes the monster back into the Vamp—and fries her brain. Kligger, unwilling to be taken alive, appeals to Curtiss Jackson for help, and his partner in crime triggers a barrage of gunfire that kills Kligger and pins down the heroes. Hulk starts to smash his way into Jackson’s protective cubicle but the villain absconds in a capsule dropping though a pneumatic tube. Hulk follows. As the heroes bind Jackson’s henchmen and Jim delights in the discovery that the Falcon is his uncle, Cap is grim. He has seen another American government official warped by a lust for power into betraying his country and it depresses him. Cap then leads the heroes to safety.

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Sal Buscema
Mike Esposito
Ben Sean
Dan Adkins (Cover Penciler)
Dan Adkins (Cover Inker)
Plot: . Letterer: John Costanza.
Editor: Mary Jo Duffy. Editor-in-chief: Jim Shooter.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

(Bruce Banner)

(Eugene K. Stivak)

(Karla Sofen)

(Wendell Vaughn)

Plus: Vamp.

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