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Incredible Hulk #244: Review

Feb 1980
Steven Grant, Carmine Infantino

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It Lives!

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #244 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Bruce Banner is in Los Angeles. Last he remembers is the Hulk falling askleep in Long Island. Lost in his thoughts, he fails to notice a man handling pamphlets; it's Dr. Aloysius Vault, a frustrated man, remembering how his plans failed to conquer the world using the gigantic It, or Living Colossus

Meanwhile, at a TV studio called Delazny, special effects expert Bob O'Bryan and his wife Starlet Diane Cummins, are surprised by owner Mr. Delazny and actors Feliz Simon, and Grant Marshall. Marshall tells O'Bryan that he's honored that night by his work on a movie, Blood Lust, and invites the couple to the celebration. O'Bryan accepts. As the group drives to their destination, O'Bryan recalls that a year ago, he witnessed the attempted robery of a huge statue, coincidentally the Living Colossus (Monsters on the Prowl #25). Somehow, O'Bryan was able to mind control the titan, defeating the burglars, and destroying the headquarters of their boss, none other than... Dr. Vault. O'Bryan, then a man on a wheelchair, used the Living Colossus a few more times, yet decided to abandon those powers in favor of his relationship with his now spouse, Starlet. With her aid, he was able to walk again. O'Bryan hid the Colossus.

O'Bryan drives by Banner, still lost in his thoughts. Not noticing a fast car while crossing the street, Banner turns into the Hulk right before the crash. Police chasing the speeders, find the emerald monster instead. As the teens in the wrecked car leave at foot, Hulk smashes the cops car using the teens' one, and leaps away. 

A light projector blinds the green goliath, who falls to the ground. Upset, the Hulk follows the projector, entering the Graumann's Theater, where Grant Marshall's honor party is taking place. Believing he's talking to Lou Ferrigno (TV's Hulk actor), Marshall comfronts the Hulk, ending up in a mountain of dry cement. Acting as protector, O'Bryan mind controls the Living Colossus to halt the Hulk, even if that means killing him. 

After initial success, the immense moving statue falls to the Hulk's greater might. The battle is in the news, alerting Dr. Vault, who sprints to his hotel room, linking to a device capable of controlling the Colossus. And so he does. O'Bryan "returns" to his body, as Vault does round two against the Hulk. Hitted from behind, Hulk's anger makes his strength reach absurd levels, allowing him to tear the "undestructible" Colossus to pieces, and finally to dust. 

Nevertheless, Vault attacks again as a cloud of dirt. But the Hulk's thunderclap sends the remains all over L.A. Shortly after, Vault dies of a heart attack.

Hulk walks away, as O'Bryan tells Starlet how lonely, feared, and misunderstood the life a monster is, even if he be the strongest there is.

Carmine Infantino
Mickey Demeo
Ben Sean
Al Milgrom (Cover Penciler)
Letterer: John Costanza.
Editor: Al Milgrom. Editor-in-chief: Jim Shooter.


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(Bruce Banner)

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