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Incredible Hulk #237: Review

Jul 1979
Roger Stern, Sal Buscema

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When A City Dies!

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4.5 stars

Incredible Hulk #237 Review by (March 1, 2018)
Oh man, did the Hulk lost his cool in this tale of massive destruction. Even his friend Trish Starr has trouble recognising him under such rage. And the green beast brings a whole skyscraper down with his bare fists, fueled by wrath! The Hulk is well-intentioned, tries rescuing Starr from her kidnapper, pitiless murderer Jackson. But his actions to resolve the problem are incorrect. Machine Man acts like a diplomat in the midst of the chaotic confrontation. And Hulk, far from considered a hero, is finally cast out since his very presence is way too dangerous. Not the only time that is done (Dr Strange sends the Hulk to another dimension in Hulk #300, and a group of heroes cast him to space before the Planet Hulk saga).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #237 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Image from Incredible Hulk #237
Firefighters are calming down the flames engulfing a neighbourhood, a fire caused by the explosion of a gas main, resulted from a fight between Hulk and the Machine Man. Hulk, unconscious, is taken by his contender to nearby sierras where, using mind probe sensors, learns that the Hulk had been tricked to believe the Machine Man had kidnapped Trish Starr.

Machine Man uses augmented vision to locate the truly responsible party in the kidnap, Curtis Jackson, on top of a skyscraper. He is holding Starr prisoner. Unintentionally, the Hulk receives that sight and pushing the Machine Man aside leaps away to save his friend.

Machine Man informs the National Security about the dire situation (a mad Hulk longing on the city) and asks for help in evacuating the area. Military trucks commence that task at once.

Jackson realises the Hulk is still alive and grabbing Starr, rushes to the helicopter, not before killing an assistant because the chopper can only carry two people. But he's late; Hulk comes crashing down, destroying the villain's only means of escape. Jackson puts a gun on Starr's head to halt the monster. But Hulk is so enraged, he advances through the flames, wanting revenge! It is Machine Man who destroys Jackson's pistol and flies him and Starr away as an utterly rabid Hulk tears the whole building apart!

With Jackson in custody of the police, Machine Man finds the Hulk as he emerges from the massive pile of rubble. Before the green goliath can worsen the calamity, the living robot hypnotises the monster and using anti-gravitational techniques, sends the Hulk flying into the sky. As the authorities reach the devastated place, Machine Man passes out.

Also in this story: Clay Quartermain, Fred Sloan, Colonel Simon Kragg. In flashbacks: The Harpy (Betty Ross), Jarella.

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Sal Buscema
Jack Abel
Bob Sharen
Al Milgrom (Cover Penciler)
Al Milgrom (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino.


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(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Simon Kragg, Trish Starr (Trixie Starr).

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