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Incredible Hulk #374: Review

Oct 1990
Peter David, Dale Keown

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #374 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Pretty good suspensefull issue. Not much Hulk.


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Incredible Hulk #374 Synopsis by Kyle Maurer
This issue begins in an alley where an man is attacking Rick Jones, who in town for a book signing. He gets away from the man but around the corner is the Thing. Thing swats Rick when he isn't expecting it, knocking Rick out. We see the shadow of the Thing change to that of a Skrull then a little girl as light from a ship above can be seen over them. Cut to a street where Betty Banner is walking along after leaving a book store. Two men wait in an alley for her to walk by and take her purse. The Gray Hulk pounces down in front of the fleeing muggers. They pull a gun and shoot the Hulk. With a groan the Hulk lurches back and falls over, dead. As the muggers walk by the Hulk stops playing possum and trips the muggers. He picks them up and shakes all the money off of them and ties them up with a lamp post in front of a police station. The Hulk and Betty go to a rooftop to discuss their next move. Betty lets the Hulk know that she and Bruce agreed they should find Rick, who has great resources and could help with what to do next. They head off to Bunkport after consulting his book signing schedule. Back in a prison cell Rick Jones is confronted with another Rick Jones about his life. Cut to a wooded area where Betty wakes up next to an already awake Bruce. They head off for Rick again. Back in his cell, Rick Jones is confronted with two versions of himself, a teenage version and a "Bucky" version for more mental torture. Bruce and Betty arrive where Rick is supposed to be signing his book. The store owner fills them in about Rick not showing up. Again we see Rick's cell only this time he is confronted by super heroes such as the Savage Hulk, Captain America, Quasar, etc. He looks up again and it is four versions of Rick Jones this time, Bucky, teenage Rick, and two Hulk Rick's. Bruce and Betty try the police station with hesitation but they are no help in locating Rick. When they leave there is a litttle girl who knows where Rick is being held. With only the Bucky version of Rick questioning him Rick acts like he is passed out in order to surprise the fake Rick. He ties up the Bucky Rick in his place and steals the Bucky outfit. The issue ends with the little girl leading Bruce and Betty to a dead end. On the fence in front of them the girl's shadow changes to the shadow of a Skrull. A fist that looks like the Thing's fist knocks out Bruce. The last splash page reveals the Super Skrull about to pummel as Betty cowers over a passed out Bruce.

Dale Keown
Bob McLeod
Dale Keown (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)

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