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Incredible Hulk #375: Review

Nov 1990
Peter David, Dale Keown

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Night of the Living Skrulls

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #375 Review by (February 15, 2010)
A very cool battle between Gray Hulk and the Super Skrull. Rick realizes that Bruce isn't dead. Marlo appears on the last page (now Rick's girlfriend, formerly the Gray Hulk's girlfriend).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #375 Synopsis by Kyle Maurer
We begin aboard a Skrull ship, where Rick Jones has been taken captive. He is waltzing around the ship and no one realizes it's him. They think it's a skrull disguised as Rick. They are all viewing the Super Skrull on Earth attaching a passed out Banner with Betty pleading for the Super Skrull to stop for his own safety. Banner realizes he isn't getting angry and we delve into his mind to see the Gray Hulk blocking the metaphorical doorway so if Banner lets anyone out, he'll let the Gray Hulk out. The Savage Hulk is trying to beat down the door that the Gray Hulk is blocking from the other side. The Super Skrull questions Betty's plea of concern that Banner will hurt the Super Skrull and in the process recounts his harshest battles with aliens and the Silver Surfer. Back on the ship, the real goal of the Skrull is to try and harness Rick Jones' mental powers, which he really doesn't have, that ended the Kree-Skrull war. They want to show the 'real Rick Jones' his friends being crushed but Rick, who they still think is a Skrull, convinces them that it wouldn't work because humans see such violence on television all the time. The Skrulls agree and have the Super Skrull bring them back alive. The Super Skrull, tiring of his commander's arrogance, decides they are his prize and he will dispatch them immediately. Banner is holding off the Gray Hulk but when the Skrull decides to kill Betty first he lets him out. The Hulk takes some cracks at the Super Skrull resulting in the Skrulls to figure out that Jones is really not a Skrull when he starts rooting for the Hulk since he thought Banner was dead. A very cool battle between the Hulk and Super Skrull insues for several pages! Rick is running through the Skrull ship looking for a way out when he sees Captain America. But it isn't Captain America, it is a Skrull. Rick realizes this and as he goes to embrace Captain America he throws him over a ledge. Back and forth between the Hulk battling the Super Skrull and Rick Jones fleeing. Very cool battle! Rick finds the controls of the ship unattended. He starts to make it take off as the ground rumbles under the feat of the Hulk, Super Skrull and Betty. The ship was underground. They are fighting on the ship as it starts to take off. The Hulk hammers the Super Skrull down through the hull of the ship as Betty falls off. The Hulk leaps after her, grabbing her mid air. The Super Skrull falls into the engergy core of the ship causing it to explode. Back on the ground the Hulk turns back into Banner and Rick parachutes down to meet Bruce and Betty. On the last lines, Marlo appears at Rick's appartment. She tells a neighbor that she's Rick's girlfriend.

Dale Keown
Bob McLeod
Dale Keown (Cover Penciler)


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