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Incredible Hulk #372: Review

Aug 1990
Peter David, Dale Keown

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He's Back

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #372 Synopsis by Josh Wilson
Bruce finally tracks Betty to a nun convent and tries to talk to her. Refused entrance, he climbs a fence, ripping his shirt and exposing the scar on his back. He enters the convent looking for Betty, and hearing someone coming, ducks into a confessional. He poses as the preist Father Lowry, who was knocked unconscious in a car accident by Prometheus, who is dangerously close to Banner. The person he takes confession from is none other then Betty herself. Confiding with "Father Lowry", Betty reveals that her life is much better in the convent, free of Bruce. Bruce, hearing the truth, leaves to think. Upon coming back, he finds out that Betty has left and is heading for the Train Station. Making it there moments before the train is about to leave, Bruce is stopped by Prometheus. Fed up, Bruce doubles over in pain. The scar splits apart and the Green Hulk literally jumps out of Banner. Highly enraged, Hulk takes everything that Prometheus throws at him, ice and electricity included. The Hulk finally forces Prometheus to retreat. Upon turning back to his human self, Banner sees the train leaving and realizes he missed Betty. He hears his name and turns around and sees Betty, and they kiss. Both Bruce and Prometheus are worried about the Green Hulk's alleged return.

Dale Keown
Bob McLeod
Dale Keown (Cover Penciler)

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