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Incredible Hulk #367: Review

Mar 1990
Peter David, Dale Keown

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Countdown, Madman

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #367 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First Hulk comic by artist Dale Keown.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #367 Synopsis by Greg Borja
In the conclusion of the Countdown story, we witness a very weak Hulk searching deep inside himself for help from Bruce Banner. The Hulk is attempting to access the Leaders files on Madman, when it dawns on him that the Leader (Samuel Sterns), is in fact the brother of Phil Sterns, and that Phil is responsible for poisoning Banner. Leader explains that his brother is a slave to Madmans will and could not reject his orders. Hulk agrees to help the Leader with Phil and is transported to Phils appartment. Frustrated in his search to locate Phil Sterns, the Hulk uncovers a secret lair. Within the lair the Hulk is confronted by the shapeshifter Madman, who quickly grows to a greater stature than that of the Hulk. Madman savagely beats on the Hulk, who in his diminshed form, tries to hold off the onslaught. In the midst of the battle it is revealed that Phil Sterns is actually the Madman. Phil tries to help the Hulk, but is overpowered by Madman. However, not before telling the Hulk the location of the poison, so that an antidote may be made that can save Banner. As Sterns battles his inner demons, the Hulk, in a surpising move, poisons Phil with the same vius that infects Banner. Madman once again gains contol over Sterns and knocks out the Hulk. During the Hulk unconciousness, Madman ceates an antidote to save himself. Just before he can inject himself, the Hulk rushes him and the two struggle for the antidote. With the Hulk grasping it and injecting himself as he was turning back into Banner. Now cured, Bruce departs from the Madmans lair, but not before leaving the antidote for Phil, although just out of his reach.

Dale Keown
Marie Severin

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