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Incredible Hulk #365: Review

Jan 1990
Peter David, Jeff Purves

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Countdown, Fantastic Four

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #365 Synopsis by Greg Borja
In this second installment of the Countdown story, we find Mr. Fixit (AKA the Hulk) being carted off, thought dead after his battle with the Abombination. Then he snaps out of it, beats back the scientists and workers, and leaps away from the reseach facility just as none other than Doc Samson shows up to survey the situation. We cut to a science convention in Phoniex, where we find Reed Richards giving a speech. Ben Grimm and Ms.Marvel (in Thing form) are also in attendence. The Hulk literally cashes the convention in search of Richards. Thinking the Hulk is on a rampage, Ms.Marvel begins fighting him, while Fixit mocks Ms.Marvel thinking she is actually Grimm mutated into female form. After much sensless destruction, Ben Grimm jumps on the Hulks back. At that moment, Ms.Marvel gets the second wind and hurls the Hulk (Grimm in tow) toward a wall. Reed Richards, having spotted Bens predicament, uses his body to cushion the impact. Meanwhile, Doc Samson questions Phil Sterns on the activities that took place at the Yucca Flats research lab. Back in Phoniex, the Hulk tries to revive Richards who was knock uncoincious by the blow he received after protecting Ben Gimm from harm. Ms.Marvel attacks the Hulk again, assisted by the Invisible Woman. Hulk suffers more chest pains and then is blindsided by Ms.Marvel. Reed Richards recovers and theorizes that the Hulk may have been seeking help from the Fanatastic Four. They transport the Hulk to a neaby hospital, and take blood samples from the brute. While Richards and a fellow doctor examine the Hulks blood, Fixit walks to a bar to confont Ben Grimm. They discuss how they first met, when the Fantastic Four battled the Hulk, thinking he was a villain, the Wrecker. Ben apologizes to the Hulk for wrongly attacking him all those years ago. The crafty Hulk replies Remember all those times I beat you up?... I was going easy on you. Back at the hospital, Reed tells the Hulk that he has been poisoned by an artifically created AIDS virus, and when he reverts back into Banner, he will die.

Jeff Purves
Marie Severin


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Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

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