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Incredible Hulk #364: Review

Dec 1989
Peter David, Jeff Purves

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Countdown, The Abomination

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #364 Synopsis by Greg Borja
In this first installment of the Countdown story, we find Mr. Fixit (AKA the Hulk) as he is reverting back into Dr Bruce Banner. The two personalities share a common goal, to rid themselves of the other. As morning breaks, Banner reminences on he becoming the Hulk and how the monster haunts his existence. Meanwhile, at the reseach facility Bruce is working, co-worker Phil Sterns is appoached by a mysterious figure who is plotting against Banner. Later, Bruce and Phil discuss their plans of freeing Banner from the Hulk. Suddenly, a sky diver is sighted above the reseach facility. As the figure smashes into the building, it is revealed to be the Abombination. He has come to steal valuable toxic waste for his employer, and not much is going to stop him... Until he spots Banner. Banner tries to escape the Abombination by running away, but is overcomed by chest pains. Presented with the opportunity to once again battle his nemesis, Abomination gives chase. As the villain looms over a fallen Dr Banner, Bruce tells him, Im having... A... Heart attack... Not to be denied his chance at the Hulk, Abomination throws Banner into a Gamma Tester, causing him to transform into the Hulk. This is the first time Abombination sees the Gray Hulk, Joe Fixit. The two begin fighting with the Abombination babbling on about how much he is disappointed by this incarnation of the Hulk. Fixit feels it too, he is weakened by a sickness Banner was experiencing. Knowing he should be uneffected by Banners illness, Hulk deduces that he has been poisoned. At this point, Abombination lays it into the Hulk, who flees into a toxic waste containment area. With the Abombination theatening to break the Hulks neck, the Gray Goliath hurls his misshapen opponent into one of the vats containing the waste. Abombination complains of how the Hulk cheated as he begins to melt away. Fixit replies Nuts. Now Ill never prosper. He then collapses clutching his chest.

Jeff Purves
Marie Severin

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