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Incredible Hulk #368: Review

Apr 1990
Peter David, Sam Keith

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Natural Selection

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk #368 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Other inkers: Kelly Jones.


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Incredible Hulk #368 Synopsis by Mark Zieba
Bruce Banner, in pursuit of Doc Samson and the army, ducks into the empty car of a train just as its starting to leave the yard. As the train starts moving, a voice from the shadows recognizes Bruce, and they start discussing the finer points of Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The voice, emerging from the shadows and revealing himself to be Mr. Hyde, grabs Bruce and says that there isnt room in this reality for two Mr. Hydes. Bruce transforms into the Hulk to defend himself, even though he notices that the sun hasnt totally set yet. Hyde, noticing that the sunlight bothers the Hulk, suggests that its because the Hulk is ashamed to be seen which is why he only comes out at night, or that Banner only lets the Hulk out at night so that the night shadows can keep him hidden. Hyde continues the taunts, goading the Hulk into a fight of strength versus strength. The fight results in the end cars of the train derailing, toppling over ! the edge of precipice. The Hulk tosses Hyde to the side and catches the train in time. Hyde grabs onto the end of the dangling train and, because the Hulk chooses to save the people in the cars over killing Hyde, more taunts are thrown as Hyde exclaims how much stronger he is because he doesnt care about the weaklings like the Hulk does. Hyde then lets go of the train, saying Bruce and the Hulk deserve each other. The Hulk brings it to safety, allowing Hyde to fall into the darkness leaving the Hulk behind to reflect on all that was said. In the meantime, Prometheus, a member of the Pantheon, emerges out of his mountain headquarters in a high-tech car, racing towards the Hulk.

Sam Keith
Sam Keith
Sam Keith (Cover Penciler)


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Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

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