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Incredible Hulk #366: Review

Feb 1990
Peter David, Jeff Purves

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Countdown, The Leader

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #366 Synopsis by Greg Borja
In this third installment of the Countdown story, we find Doc Samson speaking with a General regading the attack by Abombination, and a possible sighting of the Hulk. Suddenly, a large troop transport is lobbed their way. Samson easily catches the truck, and the general, thinking the Hulk is attacking, rushes off to meet the Hulk head-to-head. The Hulk emerges from the fallen truck and captures an officer, forcing him to reveal the location of the Abombination. Meanwhile, Madman assalts a guard and continues his plot against the Hulk. The Leader spies in on Madman. A few miles away, the Hulk and his captive reach a convoy transporting the Abombination. The Army tries to defend their cargo, but the Hulk brushes them aside. The Hulk then questions Abomination on who hired him to attack the plant, threatening to break his fingers if he does not cooperate. Just as Abomination is about to spill the beans, the Hulk is once againg confonted by the soldiers. Then, suddenly, he is transpoted to Freehold. Upon arriving, the Hulk lashes out at the Leader, who quickly dispatches the Hulk with a mind blast. On the streets of Freehold, Hulk is attacked by Rock and Redeemer, supposedly deceased. After breaking free of the terrible twosome, the Hulk is snared by Jailbait and blasted by Hotshot. Hulk breaks free from Jailbaits cage and slams the Earth causing his assailants to fall. Hulk is no sooner on his feet when he is hammered by Ogress, another member of the Riot Squad. The Leader puts a stop to the Hulk's punishment and gives him the tour of Freehold, before asking him to end the threat of Madman in return for the location of Betty Banner.

Jeff Purves
Marie Severin


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

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