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Tales to Astonish (1964 series) #93

July 1967
Stan Lee, Marie Severin

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He Who Strikes The Silver Surfer

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4 stars

By Peter Silvestro on February 15, 2010

First appearance of the Silver Surfer in a Hulk comic.


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Hulk's immense strength seems no match for the Silver Surfer's cosmic powers. Hulk is finally stunned by a blow from the Silver's surfboard.

Police arrive to the scene and hold the Hulk at bay using fire weaponry, as they wait for the US Army to arrive.

Empathizing with the Hulk's plight, the Surfer swoops down and rescues him from the police. 

Hulk seizes the surfboard in an attempt to journey to the stars, but he is unable to control it and the Surfer knocks him unconscious with an energy blast.

The Surfer reads Hulk's mind and discovers the truth about Bruce Banner's tragedy. So he decides to cure Banner of his gamma-induced affliction. But Hulk awakens and, thinking the Surfer is attacking him, strikes back. Offended, the Silver Surfer flies off, leaving the Hulk to his fate.

Stan Lee
Marie Severin
Dan Adkins


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