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Incredible Hulk #443: Review

Jul 1996
Peter David, Angel Medina

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Then And Now

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #443 Synopsis by David Vaughan
Rick Jones' granddaughter Janis, hurled back in time from a future where the Maestro ruled, falls out of a portal in the sky and lands in a dark forest. She sets out to find "the Studly," as she calls the Hulk. At a nearby tavern, drunk fur trappers argue over the nature of the "monsters" some have seen in the woods. Outside, young Robbie Clayburn tries to convince herself not to commit suicide. After Janis fights a moose, she discovers Robbie starting a forest fire. Suddenly, a clean-shaven Hulk appears behind Robbie, who trips and falls off a ledge. The Hulk scoops up the burning trees and hurls them into the air. At the same time, another time portal opens and expels Quarry, a weird, possibly alien, hunter. He rises just in time to see the burning trees land on top of him. The drunk trappers find Robbie, who blames the fire on the weary, nearly-unconscious Janis. Quarry confronts the Hulk, who calmly walks away. Quarry tracks Janis to the tavern, where Robbie's abusive father is threatening the time travelling young woman. Quarry opens fire with a "devastator" raygun and kills Robbie's father and the other trappers. The Hulk watches the slaughter from outside until he is hit by a stray energy blast. Quarry, curious, approaches the Hulk to investigate, and the Hulk punches him across the forest. As Quarry struggles to stand, Hulk hits him with a tree. Quarry responds by setting the Hulk on fire with a futuristic weapon. He looks for his devastator to finish off the Hulk, but the Hulk finds it first and blasts Quarry into oblivion. Janis approaches and asks the Hulk for help, but the Hulk refuses. She asks if she can go with the Hulk, and he replies with a bored "whatever." Janis holds onto the Hulk's neck as he leaps away from the forest. Back at the tavern, Robbie says farewell to the dead trappers, burns down the building and disappears into the night, never to be seen again.

Angel Medina
Robin Riggs
Angel Medina (Cover Penciler)


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