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Incredible Hulk #440: Review

Apr 1996
Peter David, Angel Medina

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The Big Bang

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #440 Synopsis by Mark Zieba
The Hulk, posing as the Maestro, creates a path of destruction and eventually finds time to quickly stop at his house to tell Betty that he loves her and that the world needs a scapegoat so that they can pull together against a common enemy. The Hulk then flees to the arctic, where a newly re-powered Thor catches up to him, and a titanic struggle ensues. Watching the battle with Major Talbot, Doctor Samson notices that the recent failsafe, which converts the Hulk into Banners body, isnt working, despite the Hulks rage, and that Thor has been driven into a warrior madness. Seeing how dangerous both Thor and the Hulk are, Major Talbot orders a bomb dropped on the two to kill them both. But the Hulk, noticing the bomb, tries to warn Thor to get away and, at the last moment, punches Thor, launching him to the outskirts of the explosion, only to have Thor, and the world, watch the atomic blast from a distance. Back at Freehold, Hotshot, leading a bunch of the citizens, storms Omnibus lab, accuses Omnibus of being behind the Alliance and they take him away.

Angel Medina
Robin Riggs
Angel Medina (Cover Penciler)


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