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Incredible Hulk #445: Review

Sep 1996
Peter David, Angel Medina

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Dancing In The Dark

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk #445 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Very busy and interesting issue. Very substandard art on the issue iteself.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #445 Synopsis by Kyle Maurer
Starts out with the Hulk walking around the subway line and discovering a train with no power. To spite Onslaught, who would love to see these people suffer, the Hulk drags the subway car to it's destination. We cut over to Rick Jones who is trying to catch a plane from LA to New York but no flights are heading out due to the Onslaught crisis. Before he can find a way out, Marlo finds Rick and hauls him home. Cut back to the Hulk reaching his underground destination. It's an under-construction subway station where the heroes have fallen back to. Interestingly, the Hulk reflects on how down everyone is that they've resorted to hiding out here while to him it's just another day since his whole existance has consisted of hiding in caves and such to be left alone. The Hulk doesn't feel trusted and throws out a threat to join the other side to which the Falcon assures him he is wanted since they are stronger with him than without him. The Hulk talks strategy with Captain America. The Hulk wants to go after Onslaught while Captain AMerica wants to tend to the wounded and strategize. The Hulk realizes that's what Onslaught is expecting and wants to do the unexpected. Onslaught's castle, taking up several square miles of Central Park is shown. Falcon fills in others why he is sticking up for the Hulk (reference the Jim Wilson AIDS story line - Jim Wilson is the Falcon's nephew). The Hulk was Jim Wilson's friend and was with him until the end. The Falcon knows the Hulk is not a soul-less brute. The Hulk announces his intentions to the group, to go after Onslaught. Several volunteers go with him. His plan is to approach through the tunnels under Central Park. Vision informs the Hulk that there are no tunnels under Central Park and the Hulk replies, "The day's young." At the same time, Janis is waking up in the Pantheon community as Atalanta walks in. Atalanta tries to determine who brought Janis to the Mount but Janis won't divulge the information. Paris and Atalanta suspect the Hulk. The Hulk burrows to underneath Onslaught's castle. The Hulk is hit by a mental wave from Onslaught. He heads upward since he realizes Onslaught is on to them. Flash to Betty Banner's home where she overhears a news report of the Hulk resurfacing to ally himself with the heroes. The Hulk and his small force battle Onslaught. The Hulk smashes Onslaught to pieces and begins celabrating, swearing to make the others choke on not believing and trusting him. Just then he realizes that he is back in the cave below Central Park and his group has been watching him as Onslaught put visions in his head. He hasn't really been fighting Onslaught. Back in LA, Marlo makes Rick promise that the heroics are behind him. The Hulk arrives back to the subway with the other heroes and Captain America applauds his decision to return but the group that went with him no longer trust the Hulk.

Angel Medina
Robin Riggs


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