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Incredible Hulk #444: Review

Aug 1996
Peter David, Angel Medina

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Cable Vision

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #444 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Great issue, even better when read after Cable#34


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #444 Synopsis by Scott Cartwright
Continued from Cable #34. Storm, a member of the X-men is speeding through the sky searching for the Hulk and Cable. We find that the Hulk is being controlled by the powerful mutant telepath, Onslaught. Cable, being carried by the Hulk struggles to set himself free of the Hulk's grasp. Flashing back to earlier, we see Janis and the Hulk talking when suddenly the Hulk roars and says that he must destroy Cable. Janis loses consiousness as the Hulk leaves. We go back to the Hulk smashing Cable when he stops and notices a poster on the wall "Betti Paige". The Hulk begins to recognize the name "Betty". Cable uses this distraction to his advantage and enters the Hulk's mind. Storm arrives to find both Cable and the Hulk across from each other, blank stares on both of they're faces. Upon entering the Hulk's mind, Cable finds a long staircase, and coming at him is a giant bolder, with the Hulk's face on it. Cable ducks and the bolder misses him. Cable finds the top of the stairs and a door. Forcing the door open, Cable finds a large void. Suddenly the bolder crashes in to Cable from behind causing him to fall into the void. Cable finds himself thrown out of the Hulk's mind just in time to miss being smashed by the Hulk. Storm enters the fight by creating a tornado to knock the Hulk away from Cable. As he his knocked away, the Hulk catches a piece of debree, and throws it at Storm, knocking her into some water. Cable enters a gun shop, taking a gas grenade launcher, shoots the Hulk, hoping to knock him out. The Hulk tries to jump away but the gas seems to fallow him, apperently caused by the returning Storm. We cut to Janish waking up from her nap, with the Pantheon's Ajax standing over her. Storm and Cable talk telepathically, forming a plan to electricute the Hulk while Cable hits the Hulk with a telepathic jolt, trying to free the Hulk from Onslaught's control. It works but a little too well, since the Hulk is now dead. Cable refuses to leave the Hulk like that and tries entering his mind again. Cable finds the bolder and begins to try and break it. As he's pounding on the rock, a human hand comes out of the bolder. The rest of the bolder breaks up to reveal Bruce Banner. In the physical world, Storm uses lightning to revive the Hulk. Storm, Cable, and the Hulk fly off to find the one responsible for controlling the Hulk.

Angel Medina
Robin Riggs
Angel Medina (Cover Penciler)

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