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Incredible Hulk #12: Review

Aug 2012
Jason Aaron, Carlos Pacheco

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Riot at the God Complex

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4.5 stars

Incredible Hulk #12 Review by (January 15, 2019)

Review: One terrific issue with a great setting, a pair of bickering heroes, a nearly issue-long battle with some formidable foes (I really liked the claws in Wolverine's face/crushing Thing's face bit), and the surprise ending with the promise of a real death for our giant green protagonist. And the best part of all: the brief appearance by the monsters checking the outside world and heading back underground. Who would have thought Jason Aaron could be so whimsical?

Comments: Stay Angry Part 5—though nothing on the comic says that. This God Complex has no connection to the Iron Man/Thor limited series of that title. Sole appearance of this God Complex which is a shame as it's an interesting place; maybe Jason Aaron can send Thor there sometime. The only inmates of the Complex that I could identify are Goom and his son Googam.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #12 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The God Complex: a top secret prison below ground in Antarctica, built a century ago by the League of Nations using alien technology to hold the most dangerous monsters and freaks of science. Now the Hulk has broken in so the call has gone out to Wolverine and Thing to deal with him....

Below, Hulk sits quietly in a cell, remaining calm, refusing to do what Bruce Banner expects of him. It doesn't help: an insectoid device injects Hulk with a drug at the base of his neck, driving him into a violent rage. Thing and Logan arrive and jump in to battle Hulk but the fight goes against them: Hulk twists Logan's arm so that he stabs himself in the face with his own claws. Hulk also smashes pieces off of Ben's face and crushes them, blowing the dust away. The ruckus continues with them crashing through successive chambers holding a variety of alien races, monsters, and machines. Finally Hulk slows down, demanding to know what Banner is planning. The insectoid injects him again and the battle continues, more brutal than before. Hulk bashes Thing out through the ceiling to the surface and follows him, slowly turning back to Bruce Banner as he walks into the distance....

Thing and Wolverine follow, tracking him through the snow. Back at the complex, several monsters peep out of the hole to the surface, mistake the icy surface for a totally desolate Earth and head back to their cells....

Hulk wakes up in a lab, held immobile by various bits of tech. Banner tells him that ingredients collected over the previous issues' adventures have been combined and injected into the Hulk which has yielded a cure for the Hulk. Banner wants to know what's next....

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Carlos Pacheco
Roger Bonet
Frank Martin
Michael Komarck (Cover Penciler)
Michael Komarck (Cover Inker)
Michael Komarck (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.


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Bruce Banner

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