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Invincible Iron Man #70: Review

Sep 2003
Robin Laws, Robert Teranishi

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Vegas Bleeds Neon Part One

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3.5 stars

Invincible Iron Man #70 Review by (February 27, 2021)
Comments: First appearance of Saige Kaufman, who does not appear beyond this story arc. Tony Stark is a big fan of Howard Hughes and owns a collection of Hughes memorabilia. And he owns a 1957 Thunderbird. The precis on Hughes includes a pic of his Hollywood discovery Jane Russell.

Review: Tony Stark, private eye? Kind of. He’s playing at PI while planning to flirt with his partner Saige Kaufman. Surprisingly, homicide enters into it pretty quickly but it’s a red herring by the writer (Robin Laws, best known as an RPG designer/novelist). The story is a nice change of pace, especially as Tony doesn’t don the armor at any point. The art is rather rough: On page nine, Tony looks like Nicolas Cage and he’s only arriving in Las Vegas, not leaving. The perpetually glum Saige Kaufman usually looks either bored or tired. And the villain Marc Vicus is plainly Anthony Hopkins, for his introduction at least. Otherwise okay, looking a bit like a throwback to Don Heck’s glamor mag inspired art.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #70 Synopsis by T Vernon
Trying to sort through the financial crises created by the chaos from the last few issues, Tony Stark looks for a distraction. He finds it in a call from Saige Kaufman, a private eye who wants his help in verifying a drawing of a cell made up of electronic components, supposedly made for Howard Hughes. She explains that it is tied to a missing persons case she is working on: it was found in the car of gambler/science writer Mo Stanton who has disappeared. Tony jumps at the chance to join her in Las Vegas so he hops in his 1957 Thunderbird and drives to Vegas….

Tony offers his opinion that the drawing is genuine; Saige fills him in on the situation: a gang of crooks has been robbing big winners from the casinos. So, Tony and Saige hit the casinos undercover, pretending to be a reckless millionaire (Tony Stark, then) and his girlfriend. It works: they are accosted at gunpoint and Tony forced into a van. Saige fires after them, killing one of the crooks while Tony disarms the other and forces the driver to stop. Later, after the hoods have been taken away by the police, Saige indicates she thinks the robbers are not connected to the Mo Stanton case. At dinner, Saige relates how a rich kid became a private investigator and Tony talks about his interest in Howard Hughes. They go back to gambling and casino boss Marc Vicus has his manager Gerald Fleury offer Tony a lot of incentives to stay and keep gambling….

That night, a green substance oozes out of the thermostat in Tony’s room, and seeps into the Iron Man armor, bringing it to life and attacking Tony….

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Robert Teranishi
Eric Cannon
Tony Avina
Tony Harris (Cover Penciler)
Tony Harris (Cover Inker)
Tom Feister (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Randy Gentile.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada.


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Iron Man

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