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Totally Awesome Hulk #20: Review

Jun 2017
Greg Pak, Marc Borstel

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W.M.D. Weapons of Mutant Destruction Part 2

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Totally Awesome Hulk #20 Review by (May 5, 2020)

Review: Amadeus tries to settle this peacefully with an appeal to reason and fails, abandoning it for scare tactics. Poor Ammy, it looks more and more like killing is the answer, as suggested by his mutant teammates. Some nice aspects to this tale including a thoughtful chat with the lady pastor about fanaticism. Plus, adding bears to any comic makes it better: imagine PERSEPOLIS with bears and you’ll agree.


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Totally Awesome Hulk #20 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro


In the Republic of Santo Marco, a visiting reporter comes up on the beach only to be shocked by a pair of polar bears escaped from the zoo. The local hero, a huge fellow named Jorge, arrives and beats up the bears. The reporter reveals himself to be a mutant-hunting cyborg and it kills Jorge while Weapon X scientists joke about it back at the lab. Rev William Stryker and Dr. Alba arrive to tell them that the cyborg’s performance wasn’t good enough and that they are shutting down their section of Weapon X and transferring them to Batch H….

Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, and Warpath are investigating the cyborg killing in Santo Marco and contact Amadeus Cho and Lady Deathstrike who are trying to find the family of David Andrews, host of the cyborg Hulk destroyed. They have learned that David and his brother Bobby were members of the Church of Human Potential and visit the local church. They meet with the Pastor who tells them when she heard the Andrews boys joining an outside group talking about killing mutants she asked them to leave. An impatient Lady D reveals her claws and asks for the Pastor’s help in finding them; Amadeus tells her they intend Bobby no harm but she isn’t convinced….

At Weapon X, an attempt to create a Hulk-based cyborg birth a huge green monster who feels pain and his anger causes it to grow, ripping the flesh off it and killing it….

Bobby Andrews arrives in Texas and is met by Amadeus who is reading Stryker’s book. Amadeus claims to be an old schoolmate of Bobby’s and engages him in conversation, trying to lead him to see the insanity of Stryker’s teachings. Eventually Amadeus grows impatient and openly warns him about what they’ve done to his brother David. He becomes the Hulk to persuade Bobby but Carla, a Weapon X agent, pulls up and orders Bob into her car. A Hulklike cyborg attacks Hulk while Lady Deathstrike tries to stop Bobby from going off with Carla but they get away. Hulk defeats the cyborg and tells Lady D that they are going to save Bobby. Dr Alba, monitoring the situation, notes that Hulk will soon no longer be the strongest one there is….

Story continues in WEAPON X #5.

Marc Borstel
Marc Borstel
Frank D'Armata
Stonehouse (Cover Penciler)
Stonehouse (Cover Inker)
Stonehouse (Cover Colorist)


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(Amadeus Cho)

Plus: Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, William Stryker.

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