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A+X #3: Review

Dec 2012
Jason Aaron, Pascual Ferry

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Black Panther + Storm

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4 stars

A+X #3 Review by (September 26, 2023)

Review: First story is a sweet little coda to the marriage of Storm and Black Panther though I’m not sure why this wasn’t covered in either of their own books. Second story is a bit more amusing with the two heroes fighting a monster while fighting over a girl. It’s cute though I don’t think either guy would relish that word as applied to them.

Comments: Odd for a team-up issue as in both tales the heroes are competing more than allying. T’Challa and Ororo were married in BLACK PANTHER (2006) #18; the marriage was annulled in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #9. Gambit calls Hawkeye, “Katniss,” after the archer heroine of HUNGER GAMES; Hawkeye calls Gambit, “Pepe Le Pew,” after the lustful French skunk of the LOONEY TUNES series. And the solicit (months ahead of the book’s first issue) listed the first story as “Black Widow and Rogue vs. Sentinels” which was part of issue #2.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

A+X #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A rogue faction of A.I.M. thought it would be a good idea to loot Wakanda but now they are all on the run from the Black Panther. The last one reaches the ship and sneers that maybe Africa should get more than one superhero—and then he is taken down by lightning….

An outing at the royal school is about to be cancelled because of heavy rain when the sun suddenly comes out….

As T’Challa sits on his throne, he greets several princesses sent as potential new wives, which he doesn’t want. Suddenly the sky opens and heavy rains drench the visiting princesses. He rides his sky-bike out to meet with his ex-wife Storm a/k/a Ororo Munroe. They quarrel over their recent annulment, T’Challa insisting the matter was forced upon him though he did fight for her. They have returned to their separate lives but for old times’ sake, she challenges him to a race to a mountain and he accepts. They start….

“Hawkeye + Gambit”
Writer: James Asmus. Art: Billy Tan. Colors: Jim Charalampidis. Letters: Clayton Cowles.
Synopsis: At a performance of The Tempest in Central Park, a clawed multi-eyed monster erupts from the ground, seizes the lead actress, and makes off with her. Gambit, who was in the audience with his friend Fence, takes action and pursues. He lifts a fruit from a nearby shop and charges it but an arrow fired by Hawkeye snatches it out of his hand and sends it into the monster where it detonates. The two heroes begin arguing over who is best equipped to rescue the lady so they don’t notice that the monster has revived until the actress yells at them. They pursue while bickering and fighting. Eventually, Hawkeye shoots the monster with an arrow to the leg, causing it to fall and Gambit is there to catch the lady. While he is comforting her, the monster revives and Hawkeye reaches for another arrow but finds his quiver empty. But Gambit is holding the electric arrow and tosses it into the monster’s mouth, finally taking it down. The actress gives Clint her number and dashes back to the theater for the next act. Clint smiles and heads after her, unaware that Gambit has stolen his wallet with her number inside.   


Pascual Ferry
Pascual Ferry
Brian Reber
Pascual Ferry (Cover Penciler)
Pascual Ferry (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


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Black Panther
Black Panther


(Remy LeBeau)

(Clint Barton)

(Ororo Munroe)

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