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Marvel Comics Presents #26: Review

Aug 1989
Bobbie Chase, Jeff Purves

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3 stars

Marvel Comics Presents #26 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The fourth of four stories in this issue; Hulk does not appear in the other three. Story is a lead-in to the “Atlantis Attacks” story arc that would appear across several of that year’s annuals.


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Marvel Comics Presents #26 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Hulk as Joe Fixit pays a call on Jonas Marlin, who owes quite a bit of money to Mickey Berengetti. Marlin, unable to pay the full amount, tries to talk Hulk into accepting an interest in his nautical theme park Marlinworld to cover the rest. Marlin gives Hulk a tour of the park, and Hulk is not impressed. As they watch the Shandu the Killer Whale show, the orca goes berserk and kills its trainer then leaps out of the pool to attack some kids, Hulk literally leaps into action, knocking the whale to the ground and beating it into unconsciousness. Hulk takes a large bribe from Marlin to hush up the incident then carries the whale off to sea. He spots an Atlantean sub, where the undersea dwellers are testing a machine that causes sea creatures to go berserk, paving the way for invasion. Hulk drops Shandu on the sub, totaling it, and chases off the Atlanteans. Recovered, Shandu likewise heads off to sea.

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Jeff Purves
Mike DeCarlo

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