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Marvel Comics Presents #38: Review

Dec 1989
Bill Mumy, Marshall Rogers

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Art for Art’s Sake

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3 stars

Marvel Comics Presents #38 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Writer Bill Mumy is the former child actor best known for “Lost in Space.” The fourth of four stories in this issue; Hulk does not appear in the other three.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Comics Presents #38 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Joe Fixit arrives at the offices of Bone Marrow Management, a music company, to collect a large gambling debt from the boss, Gruska. After dealing with security, he dangles Gruska out of a window until the mogul agrees to write him a check. As interest, Mickey Berengetti has demanded Gruska arrange for Brian Newman to play a concert at the Coliseum. Gruska tells him that Newman is a recluse, having given up performing. On Berengetti’s orders, Hulk pays a call on Brian Newman who turns out to be a musical genius, embittered over how Berengetti and partners manipulated his career, forcing him to play mediocre pop tunes, when he wants to compose a symphony. Hulk asks to hear the symphony. He then phones Berengetti and tells him to forget about Newman until he’s finished the symphony. Why the turnaround? Because music really does have “charms to soothe the savage breast,” as Hulk says.

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Marshall Rogers
Dan Adkins

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