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Marvel Comics Presents #52: Review

Jun 1990
Ron Wilson, Ron Wilson

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Kids Will Be Kids

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3 stars

Marvel Comics Presents #52 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The fourth of four stories in this issue; Hulk does not appear in the other three.


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Marvel Comics Presents #52 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A bunch of kids of the alien Ralfzz are playing a space game, scoring points by destroying real asteroids. They come into our solar system and send a huge asteroid hurtling toward Earth (payoff: 10,000 points). On Earth, astronomers see this impending disaster and devise a plan involving fortified rocket springs and a volunteer with extra-strong leg muscles. The volunteer is Joe Fixit, suggested by Mickey Berengetti, and he is outfitted with the device and is launched into space. Hulk smashes the asteroid into gravel. He is beamed aboard the Ralfzz ship and punches out a security robot, then confronts the aliens. The Ralfzz assure him they didn’t know Earth was inhabited and return Hulk home. Hulk, satisfied, decides “kids will be kids.”

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Ron Wilson
Tom Morgan

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