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Journey Into Mystery #634: Review

Feb 2012
Kieron Gillen, Richard Elson

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The Terrorism Myth, Part Two

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4.5 stars

Journey Into Mystery #634 Review by (September 2, 2013)
Review: This issue is nearly all Loki’s nightmares—and Nightmare’s Loki. It is a hoot. Best part: Loki’s pet Hellhound Thori begging Hellstrom to be its master.

Comments: “Shattered Heroes.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Journey Into Mystery #634 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan, attacks Loki, believing he is the source of the Fear that is killing people all over the world. Leah steps in to save him and they get the matter sorted out and team up against the threat. To find the source, Loki dreams of dead Thor, the Hel-Wolf, Surtur, and the Disir and there Loki discovers the truth. Residue of fear from the recent war with the Serpent is creating volts in human brains, killing the victims. Nightmare wants to harvest the fear to create a magic crown to increase his powers…and he discovers that a massive amount of fear is building up in Loki’s mind. He and his allies set out to stop Nightmare before the fear kills Loki….

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Richard Elson
Richard Elson
Jessica Kholinne
Stephanie Hans (Cover Penciler)
Stephanie Hans (Cover Inker)
Stephanie Hans (Cover Colorist)


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(Loki Laufeyson)
Son of Satan
Son of Satan

(Daimon Hellstrom)


Plus: Leah of Hel, Surtur (Surtur the Fire Demon).

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