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Journey Into Mystery #636: Review

Apr 2012
Kieron Gillen, Richard Elson

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The Terrorism Myth, Conclusion

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4.5 stars

Journey Into Mystery #636 Review by (September 16, 2013)
Review: Loki had a plan. Loki always has a plan. And I am happy that Kieron Gillen is privy to the inner mind of the God of Mischief and can present us with such a delightful display of those outrageous plans. Plus, the epic battle among the Fear Lords—depicted as a literal board game (complete with rules)—was a masterstroke. PS, Why was this story called “The Terrorism Myth?” Did I miss something?

Comments: “Shattered Heroes.”


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Journey Into Mystery #636 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Using the accumulated fear residue which Loki gave him (last issue), Nightmare forges a crown which will grant him absolute power over people’s minds. As Daimon Hellstrom frees the last of the sleepers, Loki proceeds with his plan: he informs the other Fear Lords as to what Nightmare has done. The Fear Lords, coveting the crown for themselves, arrive and try to wrest it from Nightmare; as each wants the prize alone, they are now trapped in an eternal stalemate over the artifact. Problem solved! A dubious Hellstrom takes his leave and Loki reports to the equally dubious All-Mother. They remind Loki of the incident at the malt shop in issue #632. He returns with Leah and has her apologize to the bully; she then makes restitution (she thinks) by hurling herself through the shop window. Everyone is confused—Loki most of all.

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Richard Elson
Richard Elson
Ifansyah Noor
Stephanie Hans (Cover Penciler)
Stephanie Hans (Cover Inker)
Stephanie Hans (Cover Colorist)


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(Loki Laufeyson)
Son of Satan
Son of Satan

(Daimon Hellstrom)

Plus: All-Mother (Freyja, Gaia, Idunn), Fear Lords, Leah of Hel.

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