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Totally Awesome Hulk #11: Review

Oct 2016
Greg Pak, Mahmud Asrar

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4 stars

Totally Awesome Hulk #11 Review by (December 31, 2019)

Review: A battle with Black Panther, a battle with a huge monster; Hulk’s dance card is filling up quickly. Buckets of green blood are also filling up. A monster that feeds on strong emotions? Sounds familiar but it seems new here, as Maddy Cho takes on the creature with a gun and a great deal of self-control. It’s Amadeus who will have to learn something next time around. 

Comments: CIVIL WAR II tie-in. Issues #9-12 take place between CIVIL WAR II #4-5.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Totally Awesome Hulk #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Earlier in Austin Texas, a young man wanders through a crowd and bored with all the happy people, he cuts loose a baby’s balloon and enjoys the child’s sadness. Maddy Cho is on the scene investigating reports of a monster. The young man transforms into a giant insectoid creature and revels in the terror and panic….

In Arkansas, an armored Black Panther tries to subdue the Hulk while Jake Oh hacks into Amadeus’ laptop to find that Amadeus knows where to find Hawkeye (Clint Barton); when Hulk gets a report from Maddy about the monster, he tears Panthers armor off and T’Challa orders Jake to teleport them both to the Negative Zone but Jake can’t: Hulk’s energy has fried the controls of the laptop. Hulk leaps off for Austin…

…where Maddy is trying to hold off the monster who feeds on strong emotions and finds Maddy a cold fish. Instead he attacks the mother of the baby, terrifying the kid and satisfying the creature. Maddy helps the mother and child escape and is then trapped by the monster…and then Hulk lands on him. As they fight the monster, feeding on Hulk’s emotions, grows larger; Amadeus, whose energy was being absorbed by Black Panther, smashes his foe into the ground. But the monster rises and rips into Hulk, knocking him flat. The monster then seizes the baby and vanishes down an alley. Black Panther and Jake Oh arrive and the overwhelmed Hulk asks them for help….

Mahmud Asrar
Mahmud Asrar
Nolan Woodard
Terry Dodson (Cover Penciler)
Terry Dodson (Cover Inker)
Rachel Dodson (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Black Panther
Black Panther


(Amadeus Cho)

Plus: Jake Oh, Maddy Cho (Madame Curie Cho).

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